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Originally Posted by GeorgiaTech335coupe View Post
My car has been an anomoly compared to others with this misfire bug. I have had it come up so many times. I've been FBO+meth for over 2 years and meth will definitely cause the misfire bug to rear its head a lot easier.

Overall, I haven't had any major issues. Never had a lpfp or hpfp go out on me in 60k miles (replaced both becuase I wanted to). I did break my drive shaft, but I drag race my car A LOT. Well over 300 1/4 mile passes.
I drive my car hard, but I try not to take it to the track for 1/4 mile runs. I did in the past and blew a transmission doing so, granted it was a fwd car and i did about 15 passes. So I try to be a bit more careful with this car. I have everything on my care but Meth, been debating getting meth...

I think I will go bigger turbos before I go Meth, I also use the fuel injector cleaner every 6 months, I know many say it does nothing but I feel a difference every time I use it.
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