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Originally Posted by sammy_0559 View Post
Will do but u mean coil, plugs, and injector upgrades or new replacements? but the injectors coils plugs are all new as the car has been sitting i have been maintaing, intake valves are clean, LSD wil be intalled in about a month or two after the turbos are intalled due to the big hole in my pocket... I'm only a sophomore in college. and I'm almost broke haha
Ya for plugs, coils and injectors just use the OEM ones. I just mean make sure they are new and keep a log if you can when you install them so you can monitor them and replace them as needed.

I would very highly recommend a new clutch and upgraded M3 rear suspension which include:
A) Longer rear camber arm, wishbone whatever your favorite vendor calls it. Its also lighter as its made of aluminium.
B) Tighter tension rods and better/stiffer front tower brace.
C) Better toe link, stronger aluminum guide rods
D) Slightly stiffer springs and obviously better shocks compared to 335
E) Last but very important are Subframe bushings. 335 ones are real crappy, causing the car to sway side to side under hard acceleration.

I know your still in college, but you gotta do this right or your rear end is going to be all over the place. All that power means nadda if you can't get it to the ground.