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Originally Posted by wepio View Post
That was a lot of useful information; thank you very much. I purchased the car used, and unfortunately, the OEM Y-cable did not come with (and a couple tools from the trunk, which I'm a little peeved over). I doubt the combox is upgradable to a more recent version to permit direct handling of the iPod, right?

Maybe if I get annoyed enough, I'll just spring for the exorbitantly priced OEM cable.
Re the tools, I think there is only a screw driver and tow attachment (and sunroof wrench, if you have one). BMW stopped supplying the rest of the tools before our model year, so it may not be the case that anything is "missing".

If you bought your car CPO, you could try to beg the y-cable off the dealer, since it should have come with one, and the ipod adapter feature is useless without it.

There are threads about upgrading the combox. I think it gives you the ability to stream from a bluetooth mp3 player, but interferes with iphone connectivity. More here: