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Originally Posted by xbook
I for one agree with this guy's view.

Mitt Romney has not done a very good job to convince me that he is willing to fight for the average american. When Mitt Romney comes out and says he thinks middle-income is 200-$250k (, I don't feel as though he is willing to fight for the needs of the average american. When he tells a room full of donors that he isn't interested in the 47% of Americans who don't pay income tax, I don't feel as though he is willing to fight for those 47%. Even though some of them might be elderly or possibly a soldier fighting in a war.

So yes, I agree with this guy's view that Romney doesn't support or understand the needs of a large part of American citizens.

And would it be possible to format your citation in a way that is readable? Man that is some jumbled together stuff from the OP. Carriage return is your friend.
Just like you think we blow what Obama said about not building that out of proportion, you are CLEARLY twisting what he said about VOTERS and winning the election. You want it to mean something else, but TRY and take a step, look at what he actually said in the transcript, and if you can say the same thing with a straight face then I'm sorry we'll just have to agree to disagree.