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Lots of manipulative spin in the original message, definitely calculated to play on the emotions of those who superficially watch the message without thinking too much about it.

First of all, the whole "health issue" thing is a bit ridiculous. He basically saying that Mitt is unaware that if nobody picked up the garbage, there would be a big health problem ? Really? I could see that IF Mitt had advocated getting rid of garbage men to save money, then this would be a valid concerned response to that, but no such policy statement was made to begin with. Can't even call it a straw man argument, because nothing even superficially similar to that was put forth by Romney.

It is true that picking up tons of garbage is hard on your body. Guess what Mr. Hayes; picking up 15 tons of Obama's garbage will harm your back just as much as 15 tons of Romney's garbage. Physical labor of any sort + old age = health issues. That fact has been true for hundreds of years, and yet they are somehow trying to implicate Mitt Romney in all that.

Yes, people who do this job are probably viewed as invisible by many of the general population. There is a genuine respect problem there. Once again, that was true long before Mitt Romney started running. Really bizarre how they try and create an association between these things. It's not like Mitt's 47% comment triggered this attitude towards garbagemen.

As was mentioned, it appears that the Obamas are in the process of procuring a $35 million dollar mansion right on the ocean in Kailua. Why doesnt someone ask the garbagemen who pick up the trash generated from that estate if their backs hurt too ?

The property taxes on a 12 or 35 million dollar mansion are a LOT, and probably represent a bigger portion of Hayes salary than the taxes on a modest 1 bedroom condo. You'd have to collect garbage from many residences to equal the amount of tax money that a single mansion like this generates. That would probably be more physically demanding. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.