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Originally Posted by melloww22 View Post
How did the install go? How about the smell?
Install went great. I put my stock muffler back on, so it's much quieter, and a little on the raspy side, but not enough for me to say it's raspy. It's got a nice tone to it.

When you do a cold start, it's kinda annoying loud and you can defiantly smell it. But it's nothing major. Just like CJ421 said it smells like a lawnmower maybe even less. It's also raspy when driving when the engine is cold, but once you warm up the engine it sounds much nicer/cleaner/smoother.

Also I never smell it when driving with the windows down, unless I stick my head out the window while the car is stopped and there is wind blowing from the back of the car. Or when I come to a quick stop after I step on it.

One thing though, I was a little disappointed on the power aspect....everyone on here kept saying it's a night and day difference, bla bla bla, saying it provides the most gains.....I can't say there are no gains. But it's nothing I can brag about.

All in all, at the end of the day. I don't regret going catless, I am happy with my decision. I think soon I will put some NOS onctane booster with MMT, hopefully that will put a on my face.
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