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Originally Posted by e60oholic View Post
If you didn't bleed your clutch after its not going to feel right. I did mine and didn't bleed it after. Took it to the shop and we bleed it 3 times before all the air was out. After that it was so much better, its how the car should come.
I bleed the clutch twice after it was installed...

The clutch pedal feels nice and firm (like a new car).

Originally Posted by kkashanchi View Post
was this your first manual car? i thought shifting was weird with the cdv installed lol
This is indeed my first manual maybe I'm still getting used to it, but I've had my E92 for over a year so I'm pretty decent at stick.

It just feels sloppy. I'll give it another shot later tonight or tomorrow as it's raining out.

Originally Posted by shaginwagon13 View Post

When I am in traffic I get different engagement points and can't stand it. I ordered my modified CDV from BMS as well and will be doing the swap next week.
That's the same problem I was having. The engagement points were shit and would cause the car to jerk a ton between the first 3 gears.

Now it doesn't jerk as much...but it feels very loose and the car doesn't pickup the way it normally would.