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Do I need a negative camber or did I get the wrong springs?

Long story short, I had H&R springs put on, bump stops were bad, got new ones (E36) and had those installed today. Car is rubbing pretty badly in the front. It was not rubbing with the OEM (worn out) bump stops so maybe the shorter bump stop lowered the car a slight bit? I do have a strut brace and they did have to remove it, when I put my strut brace on the first time my camber did go out.

In trying to figure out what the issue is, I double checked the box my springs came in as well as looked for any product numbers on the springs. The product (least that's what I think the number is) number on the springs is 29187 and if I look that up online anywhere it says they are H&R springs for an 1-series but some say this number is actually on all models of H&R springs. Which is correct?
Also, on the actual box the product number is 50490-4 (which is correct for an E90) but under that number on the box is says "Fits E92 335" so I'm a little confused. I need to know if I have the correct springs. If I do, do I maybe need to mess with the camber a bit to get the rubbing to stop. Can this be done without a shop? Doesn't seem to difficult...

The car is sitting very low, much lower than I thought it would have been being that I did not go with the H&R racing springs. LOL. I realize now after talking to some members here that I should have went coil over...I will be in 2-3 months but need to get this to work until then.

Rims currently:

LC 818's

Front: 8.5" rim W/235/35/10 (PSS tires) (offset 30)
Back: 10" rim W/265/30/10 (PSS tires) (offset 37)

Pic of Box: (springs say 29187)

Pic of car:

Pic of inner front fender where it is rubbing/contacting:

Pic of tire where it is rubbing (not bad damage but still sucks):

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