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Originally Posted by jm3as View Post
whats your facebook email? we can send you a group invite
My email is-
if you put that in then it pulls my profile up!
I looked up the profile on FB theres a lot of members on there, so im sure with a post on here and on fb we can get a good turnout.
Ill go ahead and post a forum on NW section and give a little bit about the details and see if we can get a couple people on the list.
Im going to say that we are planning a BBQ for the weekend of 19-21, and that were just looking to get a range of who can come, and that by friday we will have a for sure date, time, and place. Does that sound good?
we can talk about a couple places and stuff to have the meet between us three. Do you guys for sure want to have it on sunday? I get my schedual tomorrow so ill check if im available.
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