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Need help with side reflectors

My 2011 coupe just had its 1 year anniversary so I decided to make a couple small mods. My car is black on black and I want to get rid of those ugly orangle reflectors.

I seen a few smoke reflector replacements sell on eBay for $20 shipped. Not sure about their quality and fit. Lots of positive feedback for the seller.

My local tint shop also does car wrappings. I have seen some high end cars at their shop. They quoted me $40 to put a glossy black film over my reflectors. Their film is not vinyl, but very similar and with normal use it should stay on my car for 3 years. $40 is because that is the minim they charge to work on the car.

I seen some other sites charge $70/$80 for painted. That seems kind of steep for a small piece of plastic. What are my other choices? What others are doing? Is tint/vinyl my best alternative? I don't want to spend more than I need to but at the same time I want something that looks/fits great.

Thanks for the help.