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Originally Posted by Jeff@topgearsolutions
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not buying those trap speeds... 335s with meth and fbo can do the same thing by that token.
Not buying?

I only speak from experience, not keyboard racing here.

My buddy ran 12.2 @ 118 with Intake,Tune, and Cat Delete. (Stock axle back and stock headers and stock street tires).

FYI 3 of my good friends have these mustangs, and I sell about 600 parts for them.

Oh and just some food for thought, 335i's with just a Tune,intake, and Meth can trap that actually, ask me how i know?

What needs to be understood here is one of the biggest factors with any race, and that is the driver.
Never knew you sold parts for mustangs!
Ill make sure to give you my business whenever I make the switch