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My only objection to the F30 is that one is now compelled to buy a turbo engine to drive one. Turbo power is absolutely great, and I have extensive experience with the care and feeding of a turbo Audi, but part of the 3 series appeal until now has been a wonderful NA 4 or 6 cylinder engine. BMW must think they cannot achieve competitive power outputs using direct injection and smaller displacement because they have embraced turbo completely. It's sad, because the euro 330i with direct injection made awesome power without turbos.

Adding a turbo makes the 3 (or any other regular turbo BMW) much more complicated and expensive to repair. This is unfortunate for people who don't treat cars as throwaway Kleenex. I'm young, but I have an old-school view toward cars and ownership. My 328i was bought because it had the perfect combination of normal aspiration, manual transmission and a comfortable, long lived leather interior and I hope to drive it through 300K miles.

The F30 has all of the electronic subsystems and computers an E90 has, only more AND it has turbocharging. How hard will it be to keep and love this car long term???
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