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N54 chargepipe installation

Hey guys,

I had a shop install my FMIC because I figured it would entail some cutting/modifying and I didn't want to tackle it at home. I also had a shop install my dp's because I don't have access to a lift and I figured there might be a lot of effort involved in making everything line up and fit properly.

I installed my own JB4 and DCI. I'm no mechanic, but I am a bit of a tinkerer and I like learning how to do new things to my car. How extensive is a chargepipe/BOV install? Can it be done in the driveway with standard household tools? I've found some N55 install guides but oddly none for the N54. I'm debating whether or not I want to take this on myself. If I screw it up is the car immobilized, meaning I can't drive it to a shop to get them to fix whatever I screw up? I don't really have any "car guy" friends that would be able to come to my rescue if I screw it up either.