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Can you help my dealer fix my car correctly?

I am looking for a copy of Repair Instructions RA 51 16 212 to give my dealer.

I took the car in for the SIB about the console heating up ( and they removed the aluminum trim panel with screwdrivers.

Naturally, they dented and scratched it.

What blows me away is that five minutes searching here took me to the sunglasses tray DIY which clearly shows that removing this trim panel requires no tools at all.

I can't give them that, but I suspect the repair instructions in the SIB also document that it's not necessary to destroy an E90 interior to remove the trim panel. If you can help my locate a scan or PDF of these instructions, I'd love to give them to the dealer so the next guy doesn't have to suffer.

(I've asked them to replace the damaged panel. So far, silence.)