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Originally Posted by a11y View Post
Sorry to say but it all sounds quite similar to my symptoms. I didn't get the steering lock warnings but I did get DSC/ABS failure warnings on the I drive screen during the process. Second key made no difference.

The good news (if you can call it that) is that it was a simple <30min 60 job for BMW to recode the part of the ECU to recognise the keys again. The BMW techie I spoke to diagnosed the problem following my description before he'd even used the fault diagnosis stuff, so I guess it's not completely rare if he'd seen it before.

Seems like madness for flattening a battery though.

You dealer has been really nice.
I have seen this many times when people take their cars to dealer and straight away
90 for diagnosis only and rest of bill settles later.

Ally, in your case immobiliser was stopping it to start due to multiple tries.

If it was a yellow steering wheel, then it is more or less registering new battery and resetting errors.

However in this case it is red steering wheel failure.
To keep things simple, I would still take the same approach but in worst case, updating the module should resolve the issue.

NJ 1161, ring your dealer and see if they can resolve for 60 and TBH it is very reasonable price.

However if they give you 90 diagnosis shit, stay away from them for the time being.