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Originally Posted by davyk31 View Post
I would go for 18s if I buy winters again, previously had 17s but they do look so small when you are used to the 19s. Reckon either a mint set of used 18s or a brand new set of 18s is the way to go. Given these will be on for a few months in the year its important to keep the looks decent so don't be tempted to go for a set of winter wheels that are badly marked unless you are happy enough to live with that.
I'm thinking new, unless I can see the used ones first... slightest blemish would annoy me.

Originally Posted by kaishang View Post
Personally if I was going to get winter tyres, I'd get 17-inch. Cheaper. If you get a bad puncture and have to replace it in middle of winter, then it is easier to get a replacement.
I know what you are saying and my head says "yes I agree", the missus says "no" though

Originally Posted by IanS100 View Post
I've bought a set of 18" Riva DTMs for winter & they look very good for the money & the finish is excellent. Like you, I was undecided on 17" or 18" but they could be on the car for the best part of half a year, so I wanted something that looked OK. I don't see the point in saving 100 & hating the look of my car for months, every time I see it with horrible wheels!!
I'm liking the DTMs in Hyper Silver and I'm now convinced its got to be 18s or I'll not be happy. I've asked a wheel specialist for pricing inc tyres, so hopefully comes in at a good price. I've seen the wheels for 350 on Fleabay!

Any pics of yours?
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