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Uh oh... another 'Which wheels'... What about Red? PIC HEAVY

Firstly, thanks for checking the thread out.
I just need some assistance on choosing a rim & colour.
I have tried to include pics and details to give you lot the clearest image possible to help me out.

I will be buying 19" rims 8.5"/9.5"

I have a Saphire black e92 coupe. Here are the only shots so far.
I do not have any of the whole car as i do not have a drop and i am on gunmetal 18" MV3s "Embarrassed"

CSL Boot, LCI Tails, Carbon Rear diffuser, 3.8" Cyba chrome tails - on the way, Lowering Perches for the front- To be installed.

I was thinking of putting the usual CSL rim finished in gunmetal or hyperblack etc... on the car. NO DOUBT it does look good. But I have suddenly changed my mind.

I was scouring the site for ideas, but did not find too much.

Until i saw this white coupe on bright green rims...

And when its on the road!

I love how the chrome lip breaks up the green!

Now, i do not think green is to my taste on a Saphire Black coupe. But i think a red that 'Pops' just like the green would be

I know...I know... Its not an e92 coupe, and i would probably want a brighter candy colour red to match the LCI tail lights, but i think it looks pretty damn good IMO

As you can see in the image below, it doesnt gleam as much as the green rim.

Not all of them have a deep dish lip, but i could still chrome the lips right?
What are your 2 cents on what i am looking for.

I was thinking black inside the rim, red face and chrome lip. I know i have no chrome on my car, but my exhaust tips will be chrome.

Does anyone have any good pics of red rims on a black coupe

PLEASE also take into consideration, i will not be lowering my car just yet, only the front will be lowered using perches to remove the rake look. I am on sports suspension.