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Originally Posted by shogun14z
i agree bigdaddycane but the point of this thread is what map should i be running based off past and present users who have or are running the jb3. not what tuner do i need. on a limited budget. got what i could afford at the time. now i need some help on some old shit.
You should run map 3 if your premium gas is 91 octane. If your premium gas is 93 octane you can run map 5 for a bit more boost. For what its worth, I ran map 5 on 91 octane gas (was not recommended by Terry, just took a risk) and for whatever reason my car handled it just fine for countless pulls over a stretch of about 10,000 or so miles.

As soon as you are able, get up to date with JB4 (same tuner, current version of product) so that you can play with different mixes of premium and e85 for even more power.

Have fun, welcome to the addictive world of boost. Never is ever enough, all it takes is trying it once