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Looking to change my exhaust..

Hey guys

I’m exploring the idea of changing the standard, one oval exhaust on my 320i – the reason for changing is purely for sound.

Before any of you 335 owners come along and have a go about why I’m making my car look like yours – I’m not . I’m not going down the one exhaust on each side.. all I want is a double exhaust (just the back box and tips, not the whole system) to replace the fairly quiet oval one.

I know that I can’t get a huge amount of sound with the 320i, however after going through some posts on here, I came across the BMW performance exhaust for the 320i and it sounds great! Yes, I have an auto – but I have the steptronic and sports mode so can be in control of the sound!

*The sound I’m wanting*: that screaming sound that the BMW performance one gives! Only thing – the cost. Due to other financial commitments and the Mrs, I cant justify spending that much on it.

I don’t want anything chavvy or hugely loud like the old max power cars.. just the sound that the BMW performance gives (yes I know I keep mentioning that one – if only I could afford it!).

The threads that I’ve seen mention Schmiedmann, Remus, BMW Performance and a few others independent companies who make their own systems.

Unfortunately, the Schmiedmann is a bit out of my budget, the Remus ones sounds a bit too chavvy for me from what I’ve seen on youtube clips (please correct me if I’m wrong and apologies if I am).

I went through a members post on here (Thanks Ish!) and his set up sounds great. Complete new back box with tips and he also has a 320 and from what I can see on his video clip, it sounds really nice. Best part is that he got it done for just under 200! (from MIJ Exhausts in Birmingham) That’s within my budget J

This is his:

Only thing is, that’s about 3 hours away from me and although I wouldn’t mind travelling that far, I wanted to see if anyone could recommend a place in or around the Herts area, as that’s where I’m mainly based.

Given what I’m looking for (sound: scream / price: within 200 / Look: OEM looking double tips) I’d really appreciate if I could have your thoughts and recommendations of what I could go for and any places nearer than Birmingham.

Many thanks!