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Drives: 2008 BMW 335i
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So my issues are...
  • Misfire in Cylinders 1-6.
  • Two 00000 codes unidentified
  • Rough cold start 7/10 times.
  • On cold starts car "sputters" for the first few minutes if left idling
  • When I start driving it sputters, up until I can get it running at ~5-10mph then it clears up and runs fine
  • WOT car in 2-3rd gear car goes into limp mode (misfire codes)

What I've had repaired/serviced:
  • New spark plugs
  • New injectors (Cyl 1-3, warranty would not cover all 6)
  • New injector DME flash
  • Replaced HPFP
  • One o2 sensor replaced (downstream)

Observations: These issues are more obvious when the JB4 is on, less obvious with it on map 0 but still present. Logs have been sent to Terry, no definite conclusion. Car at cruising speeds and modest acceleration runs without issues. Issues only at WOT and cold starts.

Car does run lean at WOT. Tailpipes have significant sut/carbon build up after the mentioned repairs. Tails pipes have started to discolor etc. This was not an "issue" before. Not sure what to take from that?

Suggestions? Is it possible that every single coil went bad at roughly the same time? I have never logged a boost leak code or fuel pressure code. I've been dealing with this issue for 3-4 months...
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