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M3 Rep Bumper Install Body Shop - Boston Area - Experiences?


I'm looking to get an M3 rep bumper painted and installed in the Boston area. After doing some reading, it seems there is a fair amount of trimming need to the stock air ducts to get them to fit. I won't be doing a fog light delete so I just want to retain the OEM air ducts. also, I don't have an oil cooler so there is no issue there. I've also heard of a lot of shops refusing or having issues doing this install (not in Boston specifically), so I don't want to order this thing if it's going to turn into a giant fiasco (money and time wise). But I also don't want to spend $1000 for the M tech kit from Tischer just to get the correct parts for less modification/labor on the shop end of things.

Has anyone had this installed on their e92 at any of the recommended body shops (Sansossio, Dick's, Allston Auto Body - preferred since I live in the city)?

Any insight will be appreciated.