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Mounting new winter tires on beat-up old stock rims: good idea?

I'm buying a new set of winter tires (Dunlop Winter Sport M3 runflats) for my 2008 E90 328xi.

Right now the car has the original 16" OEM wheels it came with. After a couple of years of driving in & around New York City, all four rims are dented. As far as I can tell, not too severely: no unusual vibration, and steering is straight.

Is it a good idea to just have the new winter rubber mounted on these rims and use them as a winter set for a couple of seasons? This would cost me around $180-200, compared to the alternative of $532 + shipping + TPMS for a new set of Rial Salernos with the tires premounted.

So, up front, reusing the current wheels looks like a clear winner. I'm worried about two scenarios that could screw me if I go this route though:

1) If the dents prevent the tires from being mounted properly, then I still have to buy the new wheels (repairing costs even more), except I just wasted the opportunity to have TireRack send them premounted for free. The tire installer guy says this "shouldn't be a problem." Is that legit?

2) If the dented wheels are much more likely (than a new set would be) to fail early, meaning before the tires are used up, then it'll hurt even more since I'll not only have wasted the original mounting fees but have to pay again to move the tires to a new set of wheels. Is this a real concern?

BTW, here in NYC, the roads are basically completely unmaintained so I'm not inclined buy new wheels, just for the winter, "for the heck of it." Only if they'd cause a problem for mounting, or be likely to be done before the tires are.

What do you guys think? Thanks in advance for your help.