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Originally Posted by Bimmerlover76 View Post

Fuel economy ratings are just overinflated selling points to sell more cars and get more votes. If you do the math, a difference of a few MPG doesn't add up to a whole heck of a lot savings. Some, but not enough to sacrifice all the good things that the e9x has.
Fuel economy ratings are not just selling points and the math says otherwise as well. CAFE standards drive everything right now and going from 19-29 or something like that on the E90 328 to 23-33 is hugely significant. Also, I spend about $1800.00/year for fuel in my E90 328i. If I save 15% that's $270.00. Not chump change. That and more power are tangible advantages to the F30 even though I love the N52 engine and would lament the loss of the I6 configuration.