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High performance tire that works in ~32F dry days (no snow!)?


I recently purchased a 2009 328xi, and love it. The stock 17" wheels came with the car, although hoping to upgrade to 18" soon. Continental Pro Contact rfts were installed. Anyways, I would like to run summer performance tires, but my issue is that where I work, it gets quite cold at night during the summer. We see the last frost of the year in June, and the first sometime in late August. By late September/early October, it will be 75 during the day and 25 at night. Sunny most every day, but definitely crisp as fall rolls in early in the morning.

Keep in mind that I will not be driving in the snow in these. Come late October or early November, I will be putting on Blizzaks or equivalent. But, I would like to run a high-performance tire from, say, April through October. It has to be able to deal with relatively cold temps, though. Most reviews of high performance tires say something to the effect of "does not work in snow". Unfortunately, that doesn't really answer my question about a cool, dry fall or late spring morning.

What are my options? I can't be the only guy who lives in a place where there are pretty big temperature swings between night and day.