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Originally Posted by poloace View Post
Completely agree with above posts... You gotta make a name for yourself any field. The wait time for these to come to production is a fuc*ing joke. How Long should it seriously take to produce? A week? I love my ARs... I school people up and down the road and get compliments by how beautiful my car sounds. Listen, I'm also one for saving some green and I feel sorry for those in a position where they feel like they need to wait for the set tiago has promised. It's not your fault for wanting to pay less for a 'comparable' product. I just think you'll be disappointed by wait times. That said, I hope I'm proven wrong and you all get the pipes you deserve. Have fun, drive safely.
I think it all comes down to how eager one is to get a set of DPs on the car. Personally, I am not chomping at the bit like others so I'm perfectly comfortable waiting. I'm sure there are others who are frustrated with the wait time, but there are other options in the market if people are feeling rushed.

I'm not sure I would call the time to market a joke. It's a decision made by the vendor in the context of other work / projects that are currently underway. My guess is that they could speed this up if it was deemed a higher priority, but that's for them to decide.... At least he is being honest about the timeline by not committing to when they will be available at this point.... Some vendors would be taking orders at this point
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