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Picked up the 335i today and although it is a very lovely drive, handles quite well and can munch through the miles with ease it's not exactly as i'd like.

Background to this is as follows.

I had a e46 330 Vert which sadly got mullered by a Spanish lorry driver

Needed a car fairly quick as i have a 80 mile commute a day so bought this

It started life as a unabused example which didnt last long! Ended up as a 320bhp brute!

Moving swiftly on to my issue. The 335i does not feel anywhere near what i was expecting [ i know, different cars different platforms but im sure you know what i mean]. So this brings me to the JB4. Seems to be a almost perfect solution for me and should bring more of the Focus "anger" tied in with the crushing reliability of the BMW.

Does anyone running a JB4 get what i mean? Does the JB4 give you that thump in the back that im looking for? Or is my 335i sick in someway?

Sorry for the long drawn out post but it is something i am really keen to find answers for.

Thanks in advance.

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