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Originally Posted by jm3as View Post
yea im down for like an 11-3 or 4?
Originally Posted by atown88 View Post
Originally Posted by iSerge View Post
We've done a few meets last year, but it was freaking cold!

Let's do it while its warm and then hibernate until spring
Originally Posted by Taran.J View Post
How about making a sticky just for meets, shows, etc. This way everyone knows and we aren't finding out on Facebook, or from one guy to another but everybody knows and not 15 mins before to meet up somewhere? Seems like the best way to post at least a week before so if you don't check often you can sub to it and get an email.
Taran j.: im new to this forum so im not sure how to do the sticky if thats a options on this forum, but i did creat a Forum giving some info on the BBQ,

Iserge: you def should come out to, check out that thread and make a post so we know your down!

Jm3as & atown88: Hey so its turns out that i dont have to work on the 21!! so since you guys are both good for that day and were planning this together, i figured thats a great date and i can post it in the forum i created.
so, the 21st of october 11am-4pm sound good to you guys?
Let me know and ill change the information on the forum so everyone know the exact date and time!
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