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Originally Posted by Boostin FD View Post
It will be interesting to see what happens if they decide not to go with V6 Turbo engines... Ecclestone doesn't seem to like them at all as they "Don't sound like F1".

What will Merc do then? Hamilton will be fighting for the 4th or 5th position. Sad
It is not if they will go to a new engine, it is when they will go. Mercedes just signed the Concorde agreement which commit them to be in F1 for serveral year. I suspect the whole Eccleston does not like what he hears is a tactic to delay the engine role out as Ferrari is not up to speed with their engine compare to Renault and Mercedes. Like it or not, you can't have an engine development freeze for so long. As for Mercedes being competitive, they have a new enforce to that will look over Ross shoulder for results, that enforcer is a certain Mr. Lauda.