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The numbers I listed consdered the difference between having just the 911 and the 911 and the other car for fuel and insurance. A 2011 or 2012 car would have brakes, tires and other stuff sufficent to go the 20k miles I would use it for.

The cost really is a wash however you look at it. It really comes down with dealing with a second car and getting to save miles on the 911. And its not like I dont still have a 911.

I would be driving a mini solely for 3 months, but thats my busy season where I literally dont do anything out side of work except go get groceries, gas and work out. Any ass I get is a boot call and that shits so pathetic having a pulse is all thats required from me.

The most I will pay for sex is the cost of dinner and a movie, so no savings there.
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