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Style 179 rim leaking air?

Originally Posted by tsa1 View Post
So for about a month now my rear driver side tire has been losing pressure at about 1psi a day. I could not find any damage to the tire other than some wear on the inside so I took it to a tire shop where I was assured that the tire was fine.

They had the rim and tire floating in water and the tech sprayed some water where the two pieces meet and low and behold, small bubbles. The rim itself has no curbing or bends. Has this happened to anyone else before?

Thank you in advance.
What do you mean, "where the two pieces meet"?
Do you mean at the bead between the tire and rim?
If so, yes. A dirty bead area can cause a leak.
I had a car where the shop didn't clean wheel and the bead area leaked like crazy.
I also had a set of two piece ATS wheels that had physical damage but I hit a pothole and put a hairline crack in the barrel of the rim. When I had the shop put the wheel in a tank, they thought it was leaking where the wheel bolted together. That is, until I explained the barrel is one piece nad the face bolts to the barrel with no chance for air leak. They took a closer look. Barrel had a crack.

Anyway, you have multiple places where air can leak and you don't need to see damage.