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Originally Posted by ianbiz View Post
the rear of the E90 makes me drool
this rear?

Originally Posted by Silver&Terra335 View Post

Your E90 is awesome...hands down one of my favorites. In fact, it was yours that inspired my to upgrade to blacked out OSS's and switch from my MTech to an OEM Performance bumper.

So...a major overhaul is in the works, thanks to you! . As I type, a shipment should be rollin' out of LTMW including said bumper, a custom lip, and an LCI DD trunk. Add to that new OEM Piano Black interior trim and I'm officially done. Okay, maybe not. But anyways, thanks for the inspiration!
Thanks Silver&Terra335! I can't wait to see your car when ready. Aside from the headlights, LTMW has done all of the cosmetics on my car and they will take care of you as well. After your interior trim, I highly doubt you will be done. I speak for myself as even with the engine as it is FBO minus meth, I'm going through wheels almost every 3 months. I sure hope I am done as I just want to keep clean and simple. What I really want is a custom front lip for the performance bumper that will fill in the little gap, something similar to the arykm e92 lip. I tried speaking to Long about it but I feel he doesn't want to go that route into making one...

Originally Posted by drknight View Post
man when I see photos like this, I always regret not getting Alpine White!

but nice rides!!
alpine white is a very common color. what matters most is how well you would mod it

Originally Posted by bbarclay410 View Post
what wheels are you changing to now? and what about having Long paint your car Mineral White?
i'm having a change of heart and leaning towards on sticking with the LMs. not that i have anything against mineral white, but if i were to make a change with the color it would have to be something way different than what i currently have.