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Originally Posted by (-(ellblazer420 View Post
Agreed that phone calling would be an issue. But I already have Bluetooth in the car for calling from the factory. I would only be using this as an audio bridge for music. I am using an iPhone 5 currently, I just want to have the directions when using Apple maps to play through the car speakers. So I hope this does the trick.
I have the bluetooth in the car too. Tha'ts the part that I think is "slick" and that I like so much. The potential issue is how the 2 units integrate. In my case, the Belkin unit takes over the voice control from the car's integral setup. It doesn't do it as well... it's distorted and too loud. I think that the Giffen unit might be better for this since I don't believe that it has voice handsfree for the phone.

I think that you'll like the iphone 5 integration. I have the iphone 4s and it's great with the connection. You can show maps, get talking instructions (with IOS 6) and can do voice control of music and texting etc.

Let us know how the Giffen units works.