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On engines, if they don't implement the new formula I would at least like to see them lift the development ban. Engines have been locked for quite a while now and they use to be one of the major places for innovation and performance gain.

Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
I really don't understand why Formula 1 is going green while they still fly all of the equipment around on fuel guzzling jets that were built in the 80s. Which has a larger environmental impact?
There is a difference between being green behind the scenes and being publicly green. There is also a difference between employing green methods and developing green technology. I also doubt that their planes were made in the 80s, but I understand what you are alleging. Considering these statements may give you insight as to why Formula 1 is 'going green'.

I believe they are embracing green methods in certain areas on an as-needed basis because the world as a whole is buying into it. Government has certainly already bought into it. However, with Formula E the pressure may be off F1 to continue this development.