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The wife got a new car

We picked up a 2011 G55 AMG a couple days ago. We wanted an SUV because we recently got married and plan to start a family sometime soon. I was in favor of getting an X6M (mainly for my enjoyment) but she really wanted the G. I guess driving an overly excessive suv with the aerodynamics of a box is a new trend or something...

I'm not a huge AMG fan but I was actually very impressed with the amount of kick this thing had on the highway. It felt REALLY solid too. I'm very tempted to take it off roading. Only downside is this thing is really thirsty and it only takes premium. I literally saw the gas drop driving it from Bethesda to our house in DC. The onboard comp said 9.4MPG....

It's funny how she's had a wide array of cars of all shapes and sizes over the years.
1999 Toyota 4runner -> 2004 Mustang V6 -> 2008 VW Beetle -> 2011 Fiat 500 -> 2011 G55 (I guess when you can't go any smaller you have to buy a tank.)

You guys think I should wrap it Satin Black?
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