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Originally Posted by NemesisX View Post
I completely disagree with this one -

8.) They flash after a hidden cop

Suggested By: hollatchaboy

Why it says: You have to be fairly attentive to see someone speeding towards a hidden cop, and then flash your high beams to let them know what's up. Being aware of what around you, and caring about others on the road are all signs of a good driver.


You're encouraging reckless driving habits (speeding) by doing this.
Disagree. I warn people and appreciate people warning me of speed traps.

Where I live, speed enforcement is usually during a nice sunny day. The time where the speed limit should be increased, when it is safest to do so. I almost never see speed enforcement during rain or snow storms, where exceeding or driving at the limit could be dangerous.

IMO, speeding ticket = speed tax. Government's excuse of collecting revenue. If they care about safety, cop should be parked in plain sight with lights flashing. Much more effective way of slowing traffic.