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Originally Posted by WickedB View Post
You know you'd think so... but I run JB4 +Meth and I've only seen 260 like once...and I have no oil cooler

I think oil cooler is only REALLLY necessary if you're doing track days... Or live in a very hot climate..

That said oil cooler is definitely a good idea.., I do 4-5k oil changes and make sure my oil is always full since I don't have one.. I've also been known to pop the hood after some fast runs if possible too..

just my .02

btw e90Company what kind of AE's do you have? I need some..

The climate sure makes a huge difference in your choice here. Living in South Florida I rely on an oil cooler more than you and the OP probably do living in cooler climates, so you are correct. Untimately it's up to you if you think it's neccesary, but I know I would get one just to reduce the stress temps on the engine.

AE's? They are OSS headlights