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Originally Posted by Joshboody View Post
Hey, I looked over things briefly and have a suspicion. In one of your revised maps I noticed you edited the lower MAF cells... these should NOT need adjusting. I think you may have mistakenly referenced g/s MAF in the log to kgh in ATR. Adjust ATR to g/s in display options, if this was your mistake and start over.

The cells you will be editing are only really a handful around 170+ g/s at your setpoints. Only adjust under WOT fully spooled at this time... you can move to part/spool later.

For PID, I think it would be good to start a thread on this. Generally, for p-factor, you'd want larger values for +error and lower for -error... its better to be short of your target. It would be great to have some engineering type input here.

NOTE: I do run ATR, but I control boost with procede (along with other things), so I only have limited first hand experience. I just try and help because I want more people making their own adjustments... its not so hard when you have a pool of people gathering experience together. There's not that many adjustments you can make really.

I definitely had ATR displaying kgh and not gs. Thanks for pointing that out. I switched it in display options in ATR and see what you're talking about. I'm currently letting pro tuning freaks handle things but still want to learn and give back to this thread.

I switched to stage 1 aggressive today at the advice of pro tuning freaks and did some logs for them. I found that I had boost spikes in the 200 -333 MAF (gs) range so if I was to edit the WGDC base table, I would be working with the coordinates in the lower right hand corner of the graph.

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