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Originally Posted by VNeBLOB42
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I have not done walnut blasting yet. I am at 51k miles. But ~20k of those miles were put in during the last year. I had to commute heavily for an old job.

This issue only just arose maybe 3k-4k miles ago and has been getting progessively worse.
well if you can reproduce this without JB4 in the car, i would do that route. Get the dealer to investigate it for you under CPO.

the dealer may cover walnut shell blasting to fix the issue. I have read on here that some guys got it done under CPO because of other complications. can't remember what they were.

i did my Walnut blasting around 42k I think, and it wasn't that bad, but my buddy did his at 52k and it was pretty bad.

you can try Walnut shell blasting and if that doesn't work, then it could be another thing.

I hope its not:
Camshaft rectangrings and cam bearing ledges were broken/worn. read second post

this thread may be helpful as well.:

its funny i got a P29CD misfire cylinder 1 today. Switch to a differ MAP and so far so good. I am going to start with the Coil if it comes back. Came up on a play Pro Tune MAP. lol
Thanks! I appreciate your help. I'm trying a new shops tomorrow that only specializes in BMW and European cars. They have 2 master BMW technicians on staff and will charge my extended warranty for work performed. Hoping for the best!

I first started seeing misfires (the weren't strong enough to throw codes) after trying the auto tune map on the jb4. Since then it's been down hill.