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Originally Posted by Wes. View Post
Why do you want meth? There are other mods that I would do first

- tune + intake
- downpipes
- intercooler

I would start with those mods (in that order) before considering meth.

But before anything, I would buy an oil cooler. The ER sport oil cooler is really nice. It's more expensive than some of the other mods, but if you're going to mod your car, don't take shortcuts.


I just don't get why people will gladly pay ~$1000 to make 50-70 WHP with some mod like meth but would NOT spend ~$700-$1000 to make sure the car can handle that power. I guess its just not as "sexy" because Oil Cooler doesn't add power. However, if your car breaks down or goes into limp mode then you make little or no power. So that "sexy" meth kit does do shit then.

If you are going to mod and increase power and heat you should also think about increasng reliability....assuming you actually LIKE your car.

Ok,...rant over.