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Originally Posted by Eric335 View Post
hey all!

super excited to finally get my tune. After long hours of debate, i have finally decided and purchased my Rev2.5 SE. Since i have no plans to go to meth in the future, i thought it was my best option!

my only questions are,
1) does it come with the serial to usb adaptor? if not, where should i buy it?
2) ill be running the car with stock hardware for now, what map should i run it on? and how much extra stress will this cause my engine? ill get a FMIC/DCI eventually, but im lucky to have the OEM oil cooler on my build, so not terribly worried at the moment.
3) will i hear the turbo's spool up more? i can barely hear them now. i hope they get louder haha

anyways, super excited, cant wait for 3-5 business days!

Congrats on the purchase!

1. Not sure, just call the guys at vishnu and they should have an answer immediatley if no one is able to answer it on here tonight.

2.Personally I use Map 1 as I DD. I have DCI ATM only. Going flex-fuel later this week

3.The DCI's will definitely make the spooling noise more predominant than stock. I personally love them. Vishnu has a set that they personally sell on there site that I have been very happy with.

All in all you made a great decision. I got the tune a week after buying the car and was in AWE of how much faster the car was. Now 4 months later I have gotten used to it so I'm going with the flex fuel and e85 route to get more power . I also have a FMIC that I will get installed sometime next month also.

Major props to shiv and his team, they are all great and very insightful and helpful and are consistently coming out with updates and new things to keep us entertained with our babies haha

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