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Originally Posted by Sparky68 View Post
Moving swiftly on to my issue. The 335i does not feel anywhere near what i was expecting [ i know, different cars different platforms but im sure you know what i mean]. So this brings me to the JB4. Seems to be a almost perfect solution for me and should bring more of the Focus "anger" tied in with the crushing reliability of the BMW.

Thanks in advance.
What do you find missing from the stock 335? Remember BMW tuned the car to feel like a NA engine, having never driven a turbo car before my 335 I have to say I find the engine behaviour in the 335 very similar to my previous cars.

The JB4 is a great tune and easy to install, I'm sure you love it (it does add a noticeable kick)!! I'm running mine with some hifo cats/intercooler and have to say the car on the most aggressive map (map 5) feels too fast for public roads, I potter around on the most conservative power map (map 1) .

As for "Crushing reliability of the BMW"....Plenty of people on here will tell you not to run a 335 without a BMW warranty due to Fuel pump/injector/wastegate problems on top of the random steering rack lock/DSC failures that seem to affect alot of E90/92 BMWs

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