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Originally Posted by KMEddy View Post
I have noticed the past few weeks around campus that people really don't know how to take care of their cars, or simply do not care about them. Today I was walking to class and saw a E92 335i with damage to the front bumper as if they pulled into or out of a spot and hit another car and it also had a basket ball sized dent in the door. So what I have noticed around campus is that their are a ton of high end cars (Range Rover, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche ect.) that you can tell are completely neglected and abused.. I just don't get how people can let this happen or be okay with this.. Anyone else have similar experiences or stories?

I treat my car like its a child, I know every scratch and imperfection on the car and try and keep those to a minimum.. Just don't get how some people can treat such an expensive possession like crap...
It's not about the cars. It's much more about kids not understanding the value of money anymore. They didn't have to spend their own money on it so they don't know shit about how hard it is to earn this money - wich leads to not taking care of your stuff. This is why the economy and the world is where it is now. Nobody gives a shit about anything anymore. Banks playing with your money, because it's not their money - so who cares. People not helping each other anymore because it's not their live - so who cares. Kids not knowing what a gameboy costs and how long they would have to work to buy one, because they get new ones stuffed up their asses when they break it because they get angry being unable to pass the next level at farmgangwars - so who cares.

I am maintainig my car as good as possible because I worked my ass for a few years to buy it. This car has to drive me to work, my wife for dinner, and my kid to the doctor for the next few years so of course I look after it. And I want it to look good, because - being a graphic designer - I like good looking things.