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Originally Posted by shonuff View Post
Why cant this development be done remotely?

i.e hook up a laptop to OBD/JB4/wherever, have Terry/Shiv/Cobb remote into the laptop and examine if its possible (same concept as ATR remote tuning).

I suppose they would also have to share whatever software tools they use but I'm sure its nothing proprietary.
There will be needed measurements of power and resistance at the transfer case when its doing its job, then with the tuner will need to go between those signal and sensor wires to intercept, alter, and still feed the computer of the car readings as if its doing as its being told. Not a difficult task in my eyes for these guys as that is what they are doing when adding fuel, boost, and so on. Im just sure there are so many fail safes with this system it will take time on some rollers to see how things react.