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Originally Posted by CombatNinja View Post
What a surprise, an e9x forum likes the e9x.

The F30 is better in so many ways. How about 34mpg highway vs. 28mpg for starters?
How about 42mpg highway? Cause that's what I'm getting. WAY more power than the N20 to boot.

Originally Posted by EPOS View Post
And it was true. E90 was fugy as hell till LCI. LCI is light years ahead in he looks department compared to per-lci.
Troof. I kept my E46 for 12 years largely because I couldn't stand the look of the launch E90. I hated it so much I never even bothered to look at the LCI, and waited for the F30. At the last minute, I found a never-owned 2011 335d for 20k less than the sticker on the F30 I was about to order (probably more like 15-16k less than I would have paid), and was surprised to find I actually liked it. Thus I'm now in an E90, which I never expected. I do love the way it looks, but still think the pre-LCI E46 looked better.

Still would have loved the 335i M-Sport I had intended to order, but not enough to justify a 50% price premium.

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