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Originally Posted by nailer335 View Post
Something about the direct correlation between the ever-decreasing prices these cars could/can be found and purchased for and the resulting forum content quality of this obvious shift is most likely the reason for his remark. Clue: the mean age of 335i drivers in 2007-2009 is a larger number than today's mean age...

I think you meant to say that the used prices for older, higher mileage 335i cars are doable for a younger crowd now because even a new 335i completely scaled down is still not "younger crowd" material.
Agreed, the used ones are getting into younger tuner based price territory. Brand new 335's are still on the high side unless your a trust fund baby or spoiled brat who wont appreciate anything in life becuase you never earned it. As the 06's and 07's get cheaper more of the younger drivers will be getting these cars to do as they content. Which Im all for, as you get a bigger market, you get more products for that car, which drives down the BMW taxed prices we pay.