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Originally Posted by pits200 View Post
I'm not sure why people say meth won't affect oil temps.

Isn't the purpose of meth to keep charge temps lower, hence causing the combustion chamber to be lower along with egt temps and indirectly meaning the oil while lubricating also does not get as hot?

Not saying the effect will be significant but I don't see why meth and e85 wouldn't cause a slight decrease in oil temps.

Am I completely wrong?
I was thinking the same thing. It makes intuitive sense that lower IATs would reduce overall temps. Especially when thinking about how lower IAT allow you to run more advanced (maybe just less retarded) ignition timing which should lower EGTs. Because the oil does get pumped through the turbos, this should have an effect on oil temperatures.

That is unless the lower IATs allow you to put so much more fuel into the cylinders because the charge density has increased, allowing a more energetic power cycles and countering the effect above.