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Disappointed with the new 335i Coupe

Our car (07 335i loaded with sports package) was in for service and we got a new 335i with x drive coupe in the same color etc as our loaner. I cannot tell you how disappointed I was in this car.

It was definitely a lot slower and did not sound nearly as good. I thought we got a 328 until I got home and looked at it better.

I have thought about buying a new one recently but after looking into it I decided to keep mine. I would need to get a 335is to even begin to come close to my car.

The BIGGEST thing that kills the new car is the fact that they discontinued the Black Poplar Burl wood trim. I think that wood makes our interior, VERY classy and sporty at the same time. The black walnut burl which is actually brown takes away from the interior and is more of a luxury car trim than a sporty car trim that I think the 335i deserves. I do not like the black bamboo trim as it looks cheap IMHO but that is probably what we would have to get. My other choice would be the aluminum which is no where near as nice as our black popular burl.

The next thing I did not like is they got rid of the ash tray and the ash tray door and just have a hole in the console to put change. I could live with this if it was black popular.

I also didn't like the seats and steering wheel as much but I am guessing that is just because we have the sports seats and premium leather wher this loaner didn't.

Did they change the motor in the 335i's? It looked different under the hood and had no wher enear the power and didn't sound as nice as ours does.

My other big complain is to ge a bumper as nice as mine you have to now order the M package or get a 335is. I love the aggressive front bumper on the 07. Not thrilled with the new bumper on the 12 335i.

I really hope the step it up when they come out with the new coupe. I am not really thrilled with the new style front end on the sedan and am assuming it won't be much different.

I never keep a car as long as we have kept our 07 335i but we just love that car and everything about it. I will have to reevaluate whether or not it is time to go back to MB again when we finally have to break down and get a new car. We have 82000 miles on our 335i now so it will probably not be too far down the road.

I have really fell in love with the new AMG C class and could probably get a really nice pre owned one in our budget but I wonder how gas would be compared to our 335i which really isn't an economy car but is tollerable.

I would really love to get another 3 but when pricing a 335i vert optioned the way I like or 335is vert optioned comparable to our car it is pretty pricey. Even a coupe optioned like ours is a lot more than we paid.

Why do foreign car manufacturers do this. MB did the same thing to their C class when the last style came out. I remember looking at them a few years after we bought our (first year with the new style back in the day) and it went down hill similarly to the 3 series. I usually do not like buying first year of a new style but in these two instances it paid off. Actually I do not think bmw changed their bumper for a few years but you get the point.


We need to start a petition for them to bring back the Black Popular Burl for the 3 series.

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