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Question Help please.

Need to pick your brains please chaps...

A few weeks ago I posted about the car going into limp mode on the motorway. I had air and fuel filters replaced and it seemed ok, but now it's started doing it again. I noticed last Saturday that the car was smoking (very black smoke) and its never smoked before, this was only on flooring it though. It smelled stranged too when I got out. Any ideas what could be causing this? The car goes back to full power as soon as its switched off and on again.

I had it mapped 2 weeks before this problem started, and I'm thinking there is a problem maybe with the map. I have asked Evove if they can put me back to standard and run it for a few weeks and see if the problem disappears, they are more than happy with this. Would massive over fuelling cause black smoke and smell like I describe?

Also, on a side note, I'm getting a droning noise from the front end now, but I think that's gonna be a wheel bearing, ill get it checked.

Ay help would be appreciated...