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Originally Posted by raceyBMW View Post
I'm not at all surprised by the trap speed with the mods he has, and because his 60' was so good. It sounds about right in my opinion, a very good trap for only tune and intake. My best with FBO was 109.7mph, really want to try the new Cobb race gas map. I think its going to make a big difference, especially on a cooler day with my LSD now installed. Maybe I can get some ok traction...I still won't cut anywhere near a 1.8s 60' though, but maybe I can finally dip below 2.0s at least
Good point on his mods, apparently FBO really helps with the higher traps.

109.7 is good, but I'd say your car has more trap in it. My xi was trapping 107.2-109.4 with 2.1-2.3 60' and 13.2-13.7 ET in April (AT launch issues). Guessing your lighter RWD car should have more top end.