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This thread is a great resource. I am in the process of putting my system together for my 128i. So far I have everything on order except under seat woofers.

What I am installing
Amp - Kenwood XR-5S amp 4x80 + 1x350
Front doors - CDT CL-4SL/TW-25 set
Rear deck - CDT CL-41/TW-22 set

I have used CDT speakers a few times in the past and have always loved the sound, and they have great tech support. Now comes the hard part...under seat. I don't want a sub in the trunk if at all possible. I listed to a lot of hard rock/metal so I don't need a boat load of sub bass, but I like a good bit of punch in the kick drums, and bass guitar. CDT is actually recommending their QES-680

These will handle the power, the smaller size would be no problem since I will be making a mounting ring to gain the clearance. I have also been looking at Morel MW266 or H8.1, or Hertz ES F20.5, but I don't think the Hertz would be great in there, and being a dedicated sub would be lacking in mid bass. I have 0 experience with Morel, but the 8 ohms doesn't bother me because I will be running them in parallel for 4 ohms a pair.

I have reached the point where I am going cross eyed from reading up about all these different options, so now I am looking for some info from the people on here who have direct experience with these cars. What are your thoughts??